Shotgun Shell Accessories Your Dad Will Adore


Father’s Day is June 19th, and if you’re finding it a challenge to give something really unique, clever, and befitting this year, we understand.

If you’re Dad is an outdoor enthusiast or loves Ernest Hemingway then he’ll love our Shotgun Shell Accessory Collection.  Duck Dynasty fans will also be impressed, as will Antiques Roadshow enthusiasts, and baseball lovers.

The Beaucoup Designs Shotgun Shell Accessory collection features a .308 Caliber Keychain Bottle Opener, sturdy .50 Caliber Pen, and .50 Caliber Bottle Opener.   A favorite of many Southern gents, these shotgun shell accessories look real but are completely harmless.

shotgun shell pen

shotgun shell collection for father's day

The .308 Caliber Keychain Bottle Opener is $14;  .50 Caliber Pen is $24; and .50 Caliber Bottle Opener is $24.

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