7 Ideas for Celebrating June Roses

Roses just naturally belong with June.  It’s the birth flower for those born this month, and most gardens will start to blossom with pink and red petals in a few weeks.  We have a special affection for the rose.  It conjures romantic daydreams ripe with the distinctive fragrance of early Summer blooms.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this favorite flower:

rose as hairstyle

Put roses in your hair {via The Wedding Playbook}

rose dress

Put on a gorgeous vintage inspired rose dress {via Chotronette}

rose tart

Make an Apple Rose Tart {via Baking a Moment}

roses petal ice cubes

Make a batch of Rose Petal Ice Cubes {via Nouba}

climbing roses rose trellis

Plant a Rose Trellis {via Tumblr}

roses notebook

Jot down some thoughts in a lovely rose adorned notebook (our Inspiration Necklace looks lovely here}

rose mocktail to celebrate roses

Make our Rose Mocktail – combine Monin Rose Flavored Syrup (to taste) with your favorite sparkling water, add muddled mint leaf and garnish with a well washed pink rose petal.  Pour over crushed ice or shake in a cocktail shaker to make it really cold.  Enjoy!

We have a beautiful array of rose themed earrings, necklaces, charms, and bracelets you’ll love.

Check out our Pinterest Page with more ideas for celebrating National Rose Month.



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