Our New Birch Collection is Sultry and Lovely


Our new Fall collection has just been released and it’s never been lovelier!

One of our favorite groups is this lovely Birch Collection.  It features stone earrings and necklaces, artfully accented with minimalist wires and pendulum style drops.

Our dramatic Birch Necklace features a 24” Y-shaped chain with Moonstone, Green Chalcedony, or Pyrite stone connector and 7.75” chain drop with spike.

Matching stone earrings feature Moonstone, Green Chalcedony, or Pyrite stones highlighted on gold, long marquise wires.

The Birch Collection compliments a range of outfits.  From a simple black dress to layers of luscious textured fabrics, these distinctive pieces add polish and flair.

Beaucoup Designs Birch Collection

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